Logitech G29 Racing Wheel for Node

A library for that IoT racing league you've been dreaming about.


Available normally in the Chrome Web Store and now open source too.

Logitech G27 Racing Wheel for Node

Now you can drive your computer crazy instead of the other way around!

ForestMist on DigitalOcean

This site is no longer run by well meaning yet obese hamsters with respiratory issues.

Android Emulator on Mac

It's so easy, even a Rocket Surgeon can do it!

Night Shades Bookmarklet

More relaxed video viewing.

Web Audio API Loops

The dream of perfectly looping audio in your web browser is finally here!

Web Audio API Loops and Formats

Time is relative for humans but what about web browsers?

Fair Use CSS Logo

Fair Use covers quoting this article so feel free!

Red Alert CSS Animation

I love Star Trek II: The Wrath of Khan for many reasons; one of them being the Red Alert animation.

Instant CSS for concrete5

Add CSS to any concrete5 block friendly location.

W3C Markup Validation Bookmarklet

Validate your HTML with the W3C. The easy way!

Instant JavaScript for concrete5

Add JavaScript to any concrete5 block friendly location.

Mobile Home for concrete5

Automatically redirect mobile visitors to a destination of your choice.

concrete5 Instant Admin

Create a new admin account using the magic of one PHP file.

Quantum of CSS

The iconic 007 logo using HTML and CSS.

WordPress Cookieless Domains

Everyone loves cookies but too many of them can slow you down. *URP*


My personal quest for true freedom.

Resignation from Mercy

Chock full of naval metaphors!

PHP 5 - Sort by Folder

Sort by folders then files.

Leaving World of Warcraft

The tell all conclusion to a tale of obsession.

Leaving World of Warcraft ~ Prelude

The shocking introduction to a tale of obsession.

Sloppy Solder Saves Shaver!

How to extend the life of your Remington Shortcut.

HTML5 Audio Loops

Options in modern browsers for 2010.

Bahamas logo using CSS3

Learn how to be creative with CSS border-radius.

Mass Effect Style Résumé

I'm Commander Shepard and this is my favorite resume on the Citadel.

Disable right clicking on images only

The nice way with JavaScript and jQuery.

Mass Effect 2 Soundtrack

How to make your own soundtrack from the PC version of the game.

Brútal Legend Soundtrack

How to make your own soundtrack from the PS3 game.

Forgotten Memory

Use all your memory in 32-bit Windows 2003 or similar.

Asus G1-S Hackintosh

With a bit of luck I'd make a hackintosh although a fried machine, temporarily upset wife and new Macbook wouldn't be so bad either.

Creating a new .htaccess file in Windows 7

Three easy ways to create dot prefixed files.