Asus G1-S Hackintosh

September 9, 2009

Asus and Apple Logo

For me, the iPhone was the gateway to all things Apple. So much so that I became interested in programming for it and that meant procuring a Macintosh. Doing so would mean parting with 17 Benjamin Franklins though. So, while my mild mannered wallet hid, my mentat mind went to work on a solution.

I already owned a very capable Asus G1-S laptop so buying a new Macbook Pro was out of the question. I could however consider it expendable and try to hack it...

With a bit of luck I'd make a hackintosh although a fried machine, temporarily upset wife and new Macbook wouldn't be so bad either.

The Journey

I was unsure of how to even proceed until the kindly @jeffreed guided me to light side of hackintoshing . This entailed using real retail discs which maintains software update functionality unlike some pirate flavored distros. A big relief to me too since I've worked hard to leave my pirate skills where they belong, in the 1990s.

After initial course guidance came hours of research and painstaking trial and error. Incremental progress was very slow at first but persistence payed off eventually and I reinstalled (only crom knows how many times) my way to success.

I couldn't have accomplished any of this without oodles of helpful guides and the fine forum folks of InsanelyMac.



Everything seems to works except eSata, the memory card reader and wireless. Of these I only miss the wireless but I'm sure a compatible USB device could remedy that.


While many of my previous computer endeavors were based simply on the joy of discovery, I find that I'm now drawn to challenges that require tenacity. A migration from simple pleasures to the greater rewards of delayed gratification perhaps?

Either way... confidence gained is a wonderful currency for future ventures. :)