Instant Admin for concrete5

July 4, 2012

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NOTE: Instant Admin will not be updated for concrete 5.7 and beyond.

Have you ever needed to get into your concrete5 install and I mean quick? Well then, you're in luck! Faster than an email password reset. Less thinking than a MySQL session. One PHP file and you're back in business!

concrete5 Instant Admin 1.2

How does it work?

Download, unzip and optionally edit the included PHP file (mainly to change the default password which is "borkborkbork"). Upload the file to the root of your concrete5 install. Call up the file up in your web browser and hope for lots of green checkmarks.

No really, how does it work?

Ah, concrete5 Instant Admin reads your site/config.php file and from there is able to figure out how to connect to your database. Once connected it will create a unique account and then promote the new account to the administrators group.

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