Leaving World of Warcraft - Prelude

May 7, 2011

One of the pleasures of maturing is an increased awareness of self.

Relaxation, meditation, life experience and even strenuous physical exercise all garner more understanding. Through them you'll learn your strengths, weaknesses and core desires. After that, a calming sense of self which aids you in all your tasks.

Gains are usually incremental but occasionally something spectacular will happen.

Poof lay still, the springy couch pushing back up against his rather long body. His mind was drifting quite pleasurably, thoughts flowing fast, free and without judgement. An addictive state which he was well aware of enjoying.

The pace did seem to be accelerating though. "Ah, well", he thought. The all consuming mental fire that could come next was also enjoyable even though it would leave him consumed and tired.

Something was wrong though and in a blinding flash... a revelation. Too clear to unsee, too simple to deny, all at once beautiful and abhorred.

"No!" he gasped as his torso shot up from the couch. He couldn't breathe. Time seemed to drag on then after a short eternity... a breath... then another.

Normality slowly, painfully returned as he spat "no" several more times. Each utterance with less venom than the last. It seemed to satiate him. A last act of rebellion against destiny revealed.

He knew that to have a chance, a real chance at life he would have to set in motion the unthinkable.

"Poof must die" he said with the gravitas of a thousand Sean Connerys.