Sloppy Solder Saves Shaver!

May 23, 2010

I've had a Remington Shortcut for quite some time now but lately its been running out of juice after only a few minutes. The blades are in great shape so I thought maybe I could just replace the batteries. In the worst case I'd have fun taking it apart and in the best case I'd have a working shaver again.

One of the original batteries looked a bit corroded around a connector and in hindsight I think this was the main problem. I ended up replacing the generic cells with my favorite Eneloops anyway. Rechargeable and hardly any discharge even over a year of storage. Lovely lovely batteries.

I haven't soldered in years (and it shows) but I had a lot of fun fixing the shaver. It works great now too. Actually, better. The recharging indicator is once again working and my small tweak to disable the edge clipper mechanism means less resistance on the motor.

Taking apart things to learn how they work is great fun. Sometimes you can even put them back together again. ;)